• HighScope Curriculum Overview

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    HighScope is a Curriculum that emphasizes adult-child interaction.  A HighSchope designed classroom builds a learning environment that strengthens a child's initiative and self-esteem.  Teachers and students are active partners in shaping the classrooms educational experience.  HighScope curriculum states that children learn through direct, hands-on experiences with people, objects, events, and ideas.
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    HighScope teachers give preschoolers a sense of control over the events of the day by planning a consistent daily routine that enables the children to anticipate what happens next. Main components of the preschool daily routine include the plan-do-review sequence, small- and large-group times, greeting time, and outside time.
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    The curriculum is built around teacher- and  child-initiated learning activities in eight main curriculum content areas:
                                             1.Approaches to learning
                                             2.Language, Literacy, & Communication
                                             3. Social and Emotional Development
                                             4. Physical Development and Health
                                             5. Mathematics
                                             6. Creative Arts
                                             7. Science and Technology
                                             8. Social Studies 
    Within these eight content areas there are key developmental indicators/observable early childhood milestones that guide teachers as they plan learning experiences and interact with children.
    For more information on HighScope you can visit HighSchope's Main site:  http://highscope.org/