• HighScope Curriculum




    Our HighScope designed classroom builds on the following: 

    • A learning environment that strengthens a child's initiative and self-esteem
    • Young children learn through discovery play
    • Importance of active learning through direct, hands-on experiences 
    • Providing a variety of hands-on materials and experiences to meeting individual interests, abilities and needs 
    • Children working toward independence and cooperation
    • The importance of process rather than product
    • The importance of supporting early literacy skills and reading to children
    • The importance of the home-school connection and value the parents as the child's first teacher


    HighScope teachers give preschoolers a sense of control over the events of the day by planning a consistent daily routine that enables the children to anticipate what happens next.
    Main components of the preschool daily routine include:
    • The plan-do-review sequence
    • Small-group and large-group times
    • Recall
    • Greeting time
    • Outside time
    • Music and movement
    • Free choice
    • Individualized learning