There are 2 assessments that we complete here at Engadine Great Start Readiness Preschool. 
                      1. Ages & Stages Questionnaire (ASQ)
                         *Completed by Parents/Guardians at Home 1x a year at the beginning of year
                      2. Child Observation Record (COR)
                          *Completed by Teachers at School 3X a year
                          *4 year-olds
    -  The ASQ is a questionnaire that has specific age appropriate questions to be answered by the parent.  Most people have no trouble understanding and completing the questionnaire.  The questionnaire targets five skills: Communication, Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Problem Solving, and Personal-Social.  After the questionnaire is completed it is then used by the preschool staff to determine whether the child's skills are on target or need help.  If a skill is not on target the staff will design small group lessons that will help the child's skills improve. 
    -Below are the questionnaires used.    
    36 Month Questionnaire:Given to students ages 2years 10months to 3years to 10months 
    48 Month Questionnaire:Given to students ages 3years 9months to 4years 2months 
    54 Month Questionnaire: Given to students ages 4years 3months to 4years 8months
    60 Month Questionnaire: Given to students ages 4years 9months to 5years 6months
    -The COR is an observation-based assessment of young children's knowledge and abilities in all areas of development. The COR is an observational tool.  Teachers or caregivers spend a few minutes each day writing brief notes ("anecdotes") that describe significant episodes of young children's behavior. 
    -COR anecdotes, gathered on a child over time are systematically rated according to the COR framework, are the basic units of information that are complied and analyzed to provide a comprehensive portrait of each child's developmental gains and of the progress of the group as a whole.