• Home Visits and Parent Conferences
        Here at the Pickford GSRP we set up 2 Home Visits and 2 Parent Conferences throughout the school year.  Home visits are done before the preschoolers come to school and after the school year is complete.  Parent Conferences are then done between the two home visits.
    Home Visits   
       For 4 year-olds entering preschool in the Fall the home visits and parent conferences are mandatory.  It is a formal line of communication between the teacher, the parents, and the preschoolers where we get to discuss concerns, questions, and the child's progress. 
       We do not come to you home to judge what we see.  The purpose of a home visit at the beginning of the school year is to meet the preschooler and the family.  During this meeting the preschoolers get a chance to meet and familiarize themselves with their new teachers.  The parents on the other hand are able to ask any questions that they need answered and complete any additional forms during this visit.  
       The final home visit is then used to discuss the preschoolers progress throughout the year and kindergarten in the Fall.  We use this time to prepare parents for what is expected on the first day of kindergarten.  We also discuss what parents could do over the summer to further ready their child for this transition.
    Parent Conferences   
       Parent conferences are used to further communicate a preschooler's progress during the school year.  Parents and teachers get to meet and discuss what is being taught in class, questions that they might have about how their child behaves, and how their child is progressing overall.
       Parent conferences are fun, quick, and like home visits they are mandatory for all preschool students.