• Why Is Preschool Important?
    There are numerous articles and websites written to support the significance of sending your child to preschool. While those articles may differ slightly on various reasons, all of them tend to agree on several major benefits for a preschool education.
    1. Children require an active involvement w/people, materials, events, and ideas.
    2. A preschool education increases their chances of future success at school, college, and university levels. Early experiences have shown to lead to profound learning in children.
    3. Preschool provides rich opportunities for a child to develop social skills. Social skills such as learning how to listen, how to talk, taking turns, acceptance of multi-cultural differences, apologies, when to say please & thank you, how to speak in a group, helping one another, learning compassion, and empathy.
    4. Academics are being emphasized now more than ever. Schools expect a child entering preschool to know what was once taught in Kindergarten.
    5. Preschool helps children learn to become more independent. This is an important part of growing up. It provides them with an environment where they can learn to utilize skills they may not otherwise. For example, learning to separate from their parent w/out anxiety, using the bathroom, putting on coats, etc.
    If you are still uncertain about sending your child to preschool we have provided helpful links for you to visit under our parent resource section of this site.