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 Parents as Teachers of the EUP

Parent Involvement & Education Program
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What is Parents as Teachers
Parents as Teachers of the EUP is a home-based parent involvement and education program for families with children from birth to age five years who live within the Eastern Upper Peninsula School District.  The program is funded from a grant through the Michigan Department of Education.  Services are at no cost to participating families.  
Parents as Teachers of the EUP promotes:
  • School Readiness Skills
  • Parenting Education
  • Early Care to ensure children are ready for school

This is a free service available to all parents of young children.

Contact Parent Educator:
Ashley Allison
906-632-3373 ext. 5123

Parents as Teachers, an Early Childhood Service, assists families who have children ages five years and under.  We promote positive parenting, enhance child health and development, prevent child abuse, and help prepare children for kindergarten.  By understanding what to expect during each stage of development, you can easily capture the teachable moments in everyday life to support your child's growth.  
Every minute you spend holding, laughing, loving, playing, caring, and reading to your baby helps your child's brain develop and IQ grow.

Learning begins at birth

To learn more about your child's development follow these links: 

Families will Receive

Personal Visits are the heart of PAT program.  Home visits are held in the family's home by a certified parent educator trained in child development.  During the visits you will:
  • Receive age-appropriate child development and parenting information
  • Learn to observe your child and recognize his or her needs
  • Have your parenting concerns addressed
  • Health, hearing and vision
  • Language, cognitive, intellectual & motor development 
Group Connections
  •  Share your struggles and successes
  • Learn from other parents
  • See your child interact with other children
  • Learn about topics that interest you
 Community Resource Networks
If needed we link your family with services available in our community for:
  • Housing
  • Economic, environmental & personal problems
  • Baby care items
  • Family Planning
  • Medical care for parents and children 


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Interested in local play groups and activities?
Click here for more information on EUP GSC Parent Coalitions.

This program is free and confidential.

(906) 632-3373 ext.5123

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