About GSC:

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 Our mission:
"To ensure that every child in the EUP begins 
kindergarten safe, healthy, and ready to succeed 
in school and life."
What is the E.U.P. Great Start Collaborative?


A group of parents of young children, members of the faith and business communities, local philanthropic organizations, community leaders, educators and leaders of the local public agencies that provide the majority of early childhood services in the community. All members are representatives of Chippewa, Luce, and Mackinac counties.


Who are our members & partners?
  • Bay Mills Community
  • Community Action Head Start/Early Head Start
  • Central Savings Bank
  • Chippewa County Health Department
  • Department of Human Services
  • Early On
  • EUP Intermediate School District
  • Great Parents, Great Start
  • Great Start Readiness Preschool Programs
  • Hiawatha Behavioral Health
  • Immanuel Lutheran Church
  • Inter-Tribal Council
  • Little Monkey’s Child Care
  • Lake Superior State University
  • LMAS Health Department
  • Mackinac County Prosecutor
  • Michigan Works!
  • MSU-Extension
  • Northeast Great Start to Quality
  • Mackinac Straits Hospital
  • Sault Tribe Head Start/Early Head Start
  • Sault Chamber of Commerce
  • Sault Tribe Community Health
  • St.Ignace Chamber of Commerce
  • United Way

To help drive our work, we seek parental input. Parents of young children are the consumers of early childhood services. At least 20%of our Collaborative is comprised of parent members. To help support parent leadership locally, we have the Great Start Parent Coalition.

Why is early childhood investment important to our children’s future?


We know that 85% of the human brain is developed by the age of 5. That time is precious and deserves the best support to ensure quality brain development which will lead to a more prosperous student, community member, and a late member of the workforce.


How do we support early childhood investment?


Every three years we devise a comprehensive road map that will support our young citizens in regards to quality early education/child care, social/emotional health, pediatric/health care, family support, and parent leadership. Currently, we are focusing on the following initiatives:

       -Social- Emotional Health

       -Medical Home

       -Smoke Free Environment

       -Joint recruitment/enrollment for preschools

       -Preschool Scholarship

       -Parent Leadership


Local efforts to support initiatives include:


Several family centered events that promote parent education and parent-child interaction     

-Smoke Free Playground Signs

-Partnership efforts with UPHP to support Medical home

-Smoke Free Environment Train the Trainer

-Parent Leadership Training

-Licensed Child Care Provider training

-Becky Davis Early Learning Scholarship

-Distribution of information of all initiatives to families with  young children and child care providers

-Foster Care Necessity bags

-Star of Tomorrow Project


How Can You Participate?


-Become a member of the Great Start Parent Coalition

-Volunteer at upcoming Great Start Collaborative & Parent Coalition Events

-Sign up to receive our free monthly family calendar and bi-monthly newsletter

-Follow us on Facebook – EUP Great Start Parent Coalition

Questions/Comments? Contact:
Beth Rye, GSC Director

The EUP Great Start Collaborative is funded by a grant through the Michigan Department of Education.