Early On is Michigan's system for helping families of infants and toddlers, birth to age 3 who have developmental delay(s) and/or disabilities. Early On supports and partners with families to promote the development of their infants and toddlers in developmental areas, such as:

    • Physical (reaching, rolling, crawling, and walking)
    • Cognitive (thinking, learning, solving problems)
    • Communication (talking, listening, understanding, gesturing)
    • Social-emotional (feeling secure, able to calm, playing with others)
    • Self-help (eating, dressing)

    Research has shown that by addressing delays early on - especially between birth and age 3 - we can more effectively impact a child's development, even into adulthood.


    Read our local testimony:

    The Early On team was there and full of support for my child and family from the start. they were optimistic when I felt defeated I couldn’t be, they were hopeful when I was all out of hope, they had faith when I lost mine. They taught me to see the success in even the smallest milestones - that even though her developmental trajectory was going to look drastically different than a majority of other children, there was still hope and so many of her own milestones worth celebrating. The Early On team was more than just a group of therapists that worked with my child, they became a huge part of our family. We are forever grateful for all the ways they supported us through those first three years.”- Ashley