Addressing a child's developmental delays early on.


    Early On Michigan offers early intervention services for infants and toddlers, birth to three years of age, with developmental delay(s) and/or disabilities, and their families.Research has shown that by addressing delays early on - especially between birth and age 3 - we can more effectively impact a child's development, even into adulthood.


    Don't worry. But don't wait.


    If you think your infant or toddler may have a developmental delay, or a pre-existing medical condition, contact Early On at 1-800-Early-On or complete our online referral form.  

    You can submit your referral several different ways: 
    1. Fill out the form and submit online: 
    This form can be used to submit a referral through this website.  Once you complete the form, click the submit button to send it to the Child Find/Early On Coordinator. 
    2. Download a printable form that can be faxed or emailed: 
    This form can be used to submit a hand written referral. Once you have completed the form return it to the address listed on the form.
    3. Download a form that you can complete on your computer and then email, fax, or print:
    This form can be used to complete on your computer in a fill-in document. Once you have completed the form return it by email, fax, or mail to: